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MCG is here to help your business. Our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled level of dedication to clients make us the industry leader in print-to-mail solutions.

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The Next Generation of Mail Services

across a wide group of Industry

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We are the Industry Leader in Mail Communications

Few Mail Processing Companies in the United States have the ability to process large volumes of mail on a Daily basis. Even fewer can provide good, solid Customer Service while adapting to the unique needs of the Customer

MCG has been doing both successfully for more than 25 years. As a First-Tier Mail Processor of approximately 300,000,000 pieces annually, MCG has your volume needs covered.

Our dedicated Customer Support Staff of Processing Professional give you the attention and care you deserve. And our knowledgeable and experienced IT Professionals solve any problem you can throw at them!

Family of Companies

Mail Services LLC
Mail Services LLC

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Ozark Mailing Service LLC
Ozark Mailing Service LLC

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Qualified Presort
Qualified Presort

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Presort Plus
Presort Plus

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MCG Insight
Using a personalized Web URL, track all of your Mail Pieces with MCG Insight.
Need greater detail in the management of your Mail Pieces? Use PowerPDF to manage your documents prior to Printing.
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MCG's Electronic Document Presentations gives you the ability to manage processing of your Customer documents.
MCG Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) allows you to meet USPS specifications for your Customer mail pieces.
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Web based document storage solution for both your printed and electronic communications with your customers.
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Web based document storage solution for both your printed and electronic communications with your customers.
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MCG Geolocator
Web based tool for providing geographically targeted marketing for Consumer addressing
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E-Payment Processing
Online Payment Processing that allows your Customers to pay their bills via a secure online Payment Portal.
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Our Services

What We Provide

MCG supports your direct mail efforts with experience, flexibility and technical expertise. We pinpoint your target audience with the ideal mailing list and design to get the best possible response. MCG also takes care to provide you with the lowest postage rate available. We are dedicated to meeting sensitive turn-around times and providing cost-effective mailing options. A partnership with MCG frees you from the hassles and unnecessary expenses in direct mailing.

There is no better choice than MCG to handle your critical document printing and mailing for the duration of your front-to-finish process. No matter the size of job, we make it simple, easy and affordable. Although our process does focus on digital and variable laser printing, we handle the complete pre-print and conventional printing process as well. Our team of professionals includes graphic designers who will work with you from start to finish.
MCG partners with envelope manufacturers, forms printers and high-end offset and web printing manufacturers. Processing high volume quantities allow us to buy the print components-envelopes, forms, inserts, etc.-at lower price points and pass the savings on to you. In addition, MCG handles all of the creative and prepress work to bring you the most effective and customer-focused documents possible.

MCG is a full-service letter shop. Once printed, our folding and inserting equipment provide you with the highest level of speed and accuracy in the industry today. We offer multiple pocket inserters with inline folding, collating, metering, sealing, and sorting as well as inkjetting, tabbing and bursting. Whether you mail First Class or Standard, MCG will prepare your statements, letters, advertising flyers, invoices or any other mail piece to receive the greatest postage discount possible.

Mailing List
At MCG, we can customize and optimize your current mail list or create a new one just for you. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can generate a direct mail list of the people you need to reach. Our system allows you to reach the target market that will be most affected by your mail piece.
Fulfillment Services
We offer a wide array of fulfillment services for jobs that can’t be automated or need that extra attention because of size, weight or shape. Our staff will personally prepare your letters, postcards, periodicals, packages or any unusually shaped object you need to mail.

There is no better choice than MCG to handle mailings printed and addressed to your specific standards. The use of innovative technology like rapid laser printing has made MCG a leader in the mail service industry.
How we can help:
Laser printing — whether your list has 100 or 1,000,000 recipients, we partner with you to make certain each mail piece and electronic document reflects your company in the finest possible light. We specialize in variable data laser printing to give you the option of true personalization in your mail. MCG can personalize your statements, invoices, form letters or marketing pieces to give you the exact look you want.

MCG is a full-service mailing center. Once printed, our automated inserting equipment provides you with the highest level of speed and accuracy in the industry today. We offer multiple pocket inserters with inline folding, collating, metering, sealing and sorting. Whether you mail First Class or Standard, MCG will prepare your statements, letters, advertising flyers, invoices or any other mail piece to receive the greatest postage discount possible.
We utilize the most advanced technology in the industry including:
  • - 2-D barcode technology
  • - Variable page accumulation
  • - Selective inserting
  • - Audit Controls

As more and more of your business is conducted online, MCG is here to assist with a full complement of online document presentation and payment options.
  • - Internet presentation of bills, invoices and other important documents
  • - Secure, authenticated login with optional email notification
  • - Automated enrollment with self-driven opt-in/opt-out
  • - Electronic payment acceptance via secure Internet financial transactions; ACH or all major credit cards

Web-based Communications
Documents have moved beyond paper, which is why our online capabilities are set up to allow document review online prior to printing and mailing. Once printed and mailed, we make those documents available to your customer service team for use during live customer calls.
  • - Web-based electronic document review, editing, presentation and payment
  • - Online reporting
  • - Automated production report distribution; online or via email
  • - Secure, encrypted, browser based data file transfer (HTTPS); right from the MCG Website
  • - Dedicated high-bandwidth web servers available 24/7

Data quality and deliverability is the key to any successful mailing. MCG’s data quality standards are some of the highest in the industry. Our software and data processing techniques ensure your data is correct and will be delivered to the right person by answering these key questions.
Is the address spelled correctly?
USPS-certified, address correction software ensures that the address is spelled correctly and exists in the national directory of addresses.
Does the recipient even reside at that address or did they move?
Proprietary USPS-licensed software makes sure that the intended recipient actually resides at the address.
Is the address even a residence (vacant lots have addresses, too)?
Delivery Point Validation (DPV) software confirms that an address is a deliverable address (and not a vacant lot, field, parking lot, etc.).
Are there duplicate entires in the mailing list?
Integrated de-dupe software detects duplicate names and addresses in mailing lists. They can then be eliminated if desired.
Are there multiple documents (statements, invoices, letters, etc.) all going to the same address?
In a nutshell, our proprietary grouping algorithm results in fewer mail pieces by putting multiple pieces going to the same person at the same address in a single envelope as opposed to sending multiple.
Take the advantage with MCG:
  • - We work with you from data analysis through the proofing process to ensure your printed document turns out exactly the way you want it.
  • - Our redundant file servers receive and process your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • - Our multiple, industrial-strength, high-speed laser printers give us the horsepower to handle any job size.
  • - Our integrated address-processing software, certified by the USPS, further enhances the deliverability of your mail.
  • - Our barcoding software and merge/purge technology makes unparalleled efficiency an expecation of every project.

MCG utilizes multiple methods of USPS mail induction to find the best solution for you based upon your job and its requirements.

MCG is one of the largest presort and mail comminglers in the upper Midwest. We utilize multiple OCR presorting equipment to barcode and sort your mail. This allows us to pass along automated postal rates to even our smallest customers due to our unique ability to commingle small and large mailings.

We also provide:
  • - DMU designation for on-site UPSP verification
  • - Full-Service intelligent Mail barcode
  • - Complete Move Update compliance
  • - USPS PostalOne Transportation Management System
  • - A quality control process modeled after USPS MPTQM

Shifting your mail pickup duties to MCG entitles you to all of our many benefits. Our fleet of delivery vehicles uses straight trucks as well as controlled and secured vans. They’re driven by trained and uniformed drivers to ensure the safety and security of your mail. Our internal delivery control procedure means your mail is brought directly inside to an internal loading bay for drop-off. These quality assurance practices enable us to provide you the highest possible level of service for your business.

When you choose MCG to facilitate the processing of your mail, your business can focus on what it does best — providing attention to detail and prompt customer service. Metered or non-metered, your mail poses no problem to MCG. We are a full-service facility capable of metering your mail should you require it. Our bonded drivers will pick up your mail and deliver it back to our facility where our professional staff will presort it for you using our Multi-Line Optical Character Readers (MLOCR). We then deliver your mail to the post office where it is given priority treatment before traveling directly to its destination. You save substantially on postage as well as delivery time with no additional cost to you.


Financial, Banking and Credit Unions

Headquartered in the center of the Insurance and Banking Industry, MCG understands the requirements and high standard expected in these industries. MCG provides a broad range of serivces to a who's who in the industry - and have been doing so for mre than 25 years.

Health Care

HIPAA? Red Flag? Patient Friendly Billing? Revenue Cycle Management? These are more than just marketing slogans to our Healthcare Clients. They live and breathe it every day, and so do we - right alongside them. We are a key provider of patient statement Print-To-Mail, Online Patient Statements and Online Patient Bill-Pay services to many Clinc, Hospital and Medical Billing Organizations throughout the United States.


Des Moines, Iowa is generally considered to be the World's third largest Insurance Center. After being headquartered in Des Moines for more than 25 years, MCG is experienced and accomplished at meeting the high expectations that accompany this unique industry.

State & Local Governments

MCG provids Printing and Mailing Services to numerous City, County and State-Level Departments of Government, including Utilities (Water, Electric, Refuse, Collection), Treasurers, Assessors, Recorders, Revenue and Finance to name a few. Satisfying the unique needs of a Municipality requires unique abilities. For example, we pioneered the ability to "Group Tax Bill Parcels by Owner Address" saving our County Treasurers literally thousands of dollars in processing.


MCG furnishes Print-To-Mail to many of the Nation's largest Agriculture Co-Ops as well as many smaller, Community-Based Co-Ops. Agronomy versus Seed versus Fertilizer Invoicing, Detail versus Pre-Paid Invoicing; we mail the statements for the Companies that feed the world.

Other Industries

Many of our Clients don't necessarily fit into a defined category; Bottled Water Distributors, Salon Product Distributors, your Local Small Businesses, to name a few. If they send mail, chances are MCG mail their statements.


In today’s world working with the USPS can be challenging. MCG works closely with USPS on behalf of our clients. We ensure your mailing programs meet the USPS standards for postal barcoding, tracking, acceptance and deliverability to make sure you are getting the best automated postage rates.

We are:
  • - A full-service mailer
  • - Using a quality control program modeled after the USPS MPTQM process
  • - In compliane with Move Update
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